Pirates of the Burning Sea Tips  

Pirates of the Burning Sea Tips


Ensuring success in combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea is not only a matter of who has the better ship, but also who knows how to use their ship to the best of it’s abilities. You want to focus on specializing your ship so that it fits into one of three categories: trading, boarding, or broadside. Any ship can be used for these pur 38 super ammo for sale   poses, but when you choose one, make sure you stick to it. Nothing guarantees defeat faster than a ship that tries to be great at everything. Specialize and train your specific disciplines, and victory will be yours.

To that end, we we’ve listed the typical ammunition and consumables set-up for each build. You may want to change these depending on your preferences, but these should serve you well.

TRADER RIG: Avoiding combat is the name of the game, so you’ll want to have ammo that slows the enemy down and consumables that ensure you can get away.

BOARDING RIG: Boarding requires your crew to be in top shape, and your ship to be able to slow down or disable an enemy. You’ll want to focus on anti-crew and anti-rigging ammo, while carrying consumables that help your crew and increase survivability and maneuverability of your ship.

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