Google Plus One Doesn’t Add Up

Google launched its latest social tool called +1. Google +1 is “the digital shorthand for that’s pretty cool”, according to its announcement on its official blog.

The +1 service, enabled in your Google Profile, lets people annotate search results and ads so that they can publicly Buy Google Reviews recommend web pages. The reach of this feature is not limited to friends or others in your social group: all +1’s are publicly visible on your profile as well as visible in the result of a search. People viewing results see the number of Google users that recommend pages in the search results, plus the names and photos of people they know.

Google finds people you know through Gmail, chat contacts, and people others follow through Google Reader and Google Buzz. Google says it may include contacts from other social sites, like Twitter and Flickr, in the future. Google says it will not include information about your contacts from Facebook because Facebook information is not shared publicly on the internet.

The +1 service works right in the results page. You must be signed into your Google account and enable +1 before the service will work. When you search and find something you think will be useful to others, just click the +1 button that’s next to the search result. The data that the +1 service collects gets shared in aggregate, so you’ll see the number of other people that +1’d a result regardless whether those people are in your social network. Back in your Google profile, there is a new tab where you’ll be able to view and edit all of the sites you +1’d, so you can delete +1s on sites you no longer like.

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