A Buyer’s Guide to Massage Chairs

A massage chair is a reasonable size investment. While it will pay for itself when compared to a regular visit to the local masseuse, you should be sure that you are buying the best value massage chair possible. A good looking design is important because your new massage chair will almost certainly take pride of place in your living room, but it is also important that you find a chair that offers a good variety of massage styles, varied settings to ensure you get the exact massage you want, and intuitive controls.

Good Looking Design

Massage chairs made from synthetic leather often prove to be the best choice. Real leather may have a uniquely exquisite 출장마사지 look to it but the motion of the massage mechanism and the moving parts inside the chair can quickly lead to damage to leather and other materials. High quality synthetic leather is considerably better equipped to be able to cope with the rigours that a massage chair will be put through. A good choice of styles, models, and colours are available to help you select a chair that is perfect for your home.

Range Of Massage Styles

When looking at massage chairs you will often see Shiatsu massage chairs, or perhaps percussion massage chairs. Both of these forms of massage offer benefit but you should check to see how many styles of massage that are offered. The best models available will offer a broader selection of massage styles, each offering its own advantages and benefits. As well as Shiatsu and percussion, you will find chairs that offer rolling, pulsating, and kneading massages as well as a combination of these.

Varied Settings

Good massage chairs will offer a selection of reclined positions, a variety of massage styles, and some may even offer the chance to completely personalise a massage to your needs and tastes. These settings can all help to offer you the exact type of massage you want and the one that will benefit your need for buying the chair. Also consider speed settings, vibration settings, and the number of air bags, massage balls, and massage components that can actually be found in the chair itself. The more options and the easier to manage those options are, the better the massage experience will be.

Intuitive Controls

With so many potential options, it is critical that your new massage chair offers intuitive controls and simple settings as well. While you may want to be able to control every aspect of a massage you should also have the option to select from a number of preset massages making the experience simpler and more enjoyable. LCD screens and handheld controls are very convenient and they allow you complete control when needed as well as an easy to read display.

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